River City Back Alley / Comic [River City Girls – 2020]

when River City Girls came out I waited for a physical copy of the game for an extra month after the digital release. looking back, waiting for that copy wasnt worth it but the game was still fun. I loved the character designs since I was already a fan of the character designers comic work. When I got my fans on the game I had tons of ideas for drawings and decided to just mix them all into a quick comic. For some reason I drew it right to left.

I remember seeing critism for the very handwavy writing on this one, but I dont really mind, the goal was to draw a bunch of them in one package and it worked out.

Doujins.com had the comic dubbed over a couple days after release. featuring Kumbomb, and ChloeAngel. They did a fantastic job.

You can see that Audio Doujin here:

-LaundryMom Nov 2021