Sentoumi Awajiri – Character re-introduction

Sentoumi Awajiri (泡尻 洗湯美)

Country of Origin: Japan

Location: Roseburg, Oregon USA

Age: 37

Height: 173.7 CM (5″7′)

Birthday: 9/17

Occupation: Laundry woman, small business owner.

Likes: Sitcoms, 80’s love songs, Beer

Dislikes: Annoying Customers, Beans, Shaving

Favorite Food: Shogayaki

it’s the hottest late-30s’ish laundry lady with a really goofy name. Sentoumi returns. Some of you who have stuck with my work for a VERY long time may remember her. She was one of my original OC’s that I struggled to get a project off the ground for. I’ve been drawing her a ton lately and It’s been very refreshing. This version of her is a bit different to how she used to look but I hope her general feel is still in tact. Tons of OC content is coming down the pipeline. Sentoumi, I hope will be the driving character for that. please look forward to it! I’m still hard at work redeveloping her and reworking her story. but for now here’s a few of the drawings I’ve made of her, and some basic information.

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