I’m writing this blog post from my new office job. I’m currently working a seasonal job at a tax firm that my mother and sister also work at. I’ve been very happy here. the pay is good, and the work is light enough where I’m free to take breaks and work on my personal business. It’s great.

I got a job for a couple reasons. firstly, I’ve been struggling mentally because of how much I’ve been in the house these last couple months. secondly I have been needing funds. I’ve been having issues keeping up with my commission queue and would really like to get it cleared off rather than opening more than I can handle. right now I’m focused on clearing off the queue entirely before I take more work. while my job has slowed me down a bit, I still feel like this is best for getting already existing clients their art asap.

Finally some of you may have noticed that my twitter is down…yeah. I got banned again. sucks doesnt it. I remade my twitter but dont really care to advertise it much. I would prefer if fans used other, more stable platforms to find my work. plus I don’t want to waste more time building another unstable twitter account. I’ll be posting new art to my new account but I wont waste any more time reposting.

finally I’ll leave you guys with this doodle I did while alone at work. Tax Professional Rouge.