I’m up pretty late

lots of stress had led to my sleep schedule becoming kinda wacky. it’s 6am as I’m writing this. while I was going through the clients I needed to reconnect with after losing my twitter, I had one of them tell me I seemed burned out. and it was really nice to hear. hearing it made me reset for a sec, clear my head. I agreed, but I have responsibilities like commissions, and want to complete them. however I’ve been pacing myself better these last couple days. I’ve let myself enjoy games for a bit. my friend gave me Age of Empires 4 as an early christmas gift and It’s a blast. I often struggle to stop and enjoy a game without thinking about work but the last couple days I’ve FORCED myself to. I find once I’ve done that I’ll be ready to work freshly motivated and I’ve created some pretty good stuff so far. It’s improved my output. I hope I can remember to pace myself going forward.


I’m awake doodling various personal lewd things that come to mind. I’ve been getting back into toriel. I used to draw her a lot, even built my brand on characters like her. but stopped drawing her during 2021. recently I’ve needed a taller mom character with meat on her bones. inko is nice but there’s some roles she can’t fill when making lewd art. this drawing was one of the doodles I did and I hope I find time to finish it! I really like milfs that get really grabby with their partner. Toriel seems like that kinda milf. I’ll be putting out drawings like these in batches under warmups or something every couple days.

I love my website

I’ve been giving myself a couple hours at the end of each day to work on this site and it’s the most exciting thing about the day right now. I really like what I’ve put together compared to other wordpress sites I’ve worked with before. I’ve had ideas rattling around in my head about what to add and every time I add something, another idea pops up. I’m still in the process of getting my back catalog onto the site aswell and reposting my old art has been kinda fun. finding the hidden gems of my old work is cool. I hope that one day this site could be on the level of something like the laundrymom vault that I offer, where next to everything I’ve made is archived in one place. that’s the end goal with my website